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Scholarship Program

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"We believe everyone can swim."

Sticking true to our mission, we work with Hope Floats to provide assistance to those in need.

About Hope Floats Foundation

Hope Floats partners with high-quality swim schools to provide scholarships for swimming lessons for children living in poverty. Hope Floats raises money by partnering with swim schools that want to be a force for good in their communities.  Scholarships and tuition assistance is provided to children who might not otherwise be able to afford swim lessons.

How It Works

Money raised through donations and fundraising events goes straight to the Swimming Simply Scholarship Fund to help families in need. Hope Floats reviews scholarship applications and uses money from our scholarship fund to pay for up to 90% of their child's swim lesson tuition. 

How You Can Help!

Donate below to provide financial assistance to a child in need! Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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