Swim Clinics

Ages 5-12


Youth Clinics

Turtles I, Turtles II, Starfish I, Starfish II, Narwhals

Last Updated 8.11.22

Our clinics are for youth aged 5-12 who do not have fear and are ready to up-level their swimming. We have trained coaches who are also excellent instructors. These semi-private and small group clinics are unique in the greater Denver area. We are outcomes-focused, and treat each week with the importance it needs for swimmers to make progress consistently. We focus on safety, but also quickly move technique work to ensure excellent swimming for years to come.

Turtles I clinics are 25 minutes and Turtles II - Narwhals clinics are 40 minutes of instruction. Please check the Level details to make sure your swimmer is enrolled into the correct level


Swimmer to coach ratio:

Turtles I: 2:1

Turtles II 3:1

Starfish I 4:1

Starfish II: 4:1

Narwhals: 4:1


January - March 2023 Session Details: January 17th - March 4th (7 weeks)


Locations for 2023:

Morey Middle School (Wednesdays); Aurora Central HS (Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturdays); North High School (Thursdays)


Cost per 7 week session:

  • $42.95 annual registration fee for each swimmer

  • Turtles I: $350

  • Turtles II: $350

  • Starfish I: $315

  • Starfish II: $315

  • Narwhals: $315

Please note

You are signing up for a 7 week session (like a season in other sports); there are no drops or transfers. As a courtesy, we allow for 1 make-up per session. Makeups are not guaranteed, have no cash or credit value, and available only when they do not exceed class limits. We anticipate heavy enrollment and very limited availability for makeup classes. 


You must request make-ups 6 hours in ADVANCE of the missed lesson on your parent portal. If your swimmer is sick, please call us at 720-554-SWIM to let us know. You get one make-up token for the session and you must schedule your make-ups in our parent portal.


Turtles I

Early Swimmers: Ages 5-8


Turtles II

Emerging Swimmers: Ages 5-9


Starfish I

Emerging Swimmers: Ages 6-10

(Can take 5 year olds upon diagnostic)


Starfish II

Emerging Swimmers: Ages 6-11

(Can take 6 year olds upon diagnostic)



Proficient Swimmers: Ages 9-12
(Can take 8 year olds upon diagnostic)