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"We believe everyone can swim."

We are swimmers first. We are also coaches, teachers, and other professionals who have between 3-40 years of experience as swimming experts.  We invest in our coaches and instructors and in the craft of swim instruction.

Founded in 2020 by Angie Peluse, Swimming Simply is a vertically integrated swim instruction program that can serve anyone aged walking and older. Angie founded swimming simply when she struggled to find swim lessons for her own kids that were able to really provide excellent coaching and a superior team environment.


She deeply believes that everyone can swim, and that with specific tailoring of swim instruction and great coaching, everyone can find joy in the water. 

Angie has been a swimmer since age 5, when she begged her mom to put her on a summer swim team. She then swam through high school and college, where she co-captained Harvard Women’s Swimming and Diving her senior year.  She has coached Division I, Master’s Swim, Olympians, Para-Olympians, and taught all ages and backgrounds of people to swim. She has also founded and owns other swimming and youth based companies: Naiad Swim and Galileo Learning Colorado.


Originally from New Jersey, Angie and her family moved to be closer to their Colorado family in 2013. Angie lives in Denver with her husband, Kevin and three daughters.

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