Adult Programming

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Youth Programming

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Adult Programming Testimonial

"Great balance between a being a challenging and manageable workout. And I think striking that balance is so important to success with swimming, especially coming off of a long break due to the pandemic. Great Group of participants and excellent leadership and support of a highly knowledgeable, competent and motivating coach."

- Nadia P

"We Believe Everyone Can Swim"

But, not everyone has learned to swim because access to swimming is not evenly distributed. It can be incredibly challenging to find excellent, affordable swim programming that is accessible to where you live. In addition, historically racist beliefs have made swimming feel even more inaccessible to many people. And, once you don’t learn how to swim as a kid, it can get harder and harder to believe that swimming is possible.  While it is widely accepted that kids need to learn how to swim, it is less well known that 44% of adults in the US admitted they would fail a basic swim test. We believe that everyone can swim, and that time and resources should be allotted to ensure that swimming is accessible to all. 

Why Swimming Simply?

We also believe that swim programming should be led by well trained coaches and instructors, who create an inclusive and fun environment for swimmers of all ages. Programming should focus on technique to ensure injury prevention, and give swimmers the best chance to excel.  


In order to expand swimming access, we first focused on increasing the amount of in-person Swim Programming for youth and adults in Denver and Aurora, Colorado.  Currently we offer youth and adult private lessons; youth clinics; women’s clinics; master’s swim team; swim camp; and youth swim squad.

Girls Swimming Underwater


As we grow and scale, we will continue to “swim-innovate”: we are consistently piloting new programming in our ques and supports to ensure that everyone can swim. 


Our current programming and swim-innovation work is designed and developed by mostly Harvard swimmers and coaches.  We are experts in all different kinds of fields (strategists, operational experts, tech folks, parents, etc), but we all have one thing in common: we believe in the power of swimming.