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Kids Swim Camp Enrollment

Baby & Me 

Thank you for your interest in our Raft* (Baby-and-Me) Program!  


The Raft Program is our introductory swimming class for babies, aged 13 weeks to 18 months.  Parents are in the water with their babies, which form a group class. Babies can start as early as 13 weeks if they are healthy and full term at birth.  Babies born before their due dates must be 13 weeks past their due date in order to enroll. 


During the Raft Program, a baby learns to relax and adapt to the water environment.  Both parents and babies learn together as they experience learning how to hold their breath and go under water. We learn the beginning stages of a back float and all about kicking. Through movement and singing, we have fun socializing with other babies and parents! 


Location: Classes are at our Swim Otters Wheat Ridge Pool, which is a small, warm, and low-sensory pool.



  • $259 for new families

  • $209 for returning families (Use code RAFT50 at checkout!)

  • $42.95 (annual enrollment fee - includes special Swimming Simply Baby Gift!)

  • Reusable Swim Diaper (required). Can be purchased at Swim Otters for $25.95.

* A raft is a group of Otters!

Schedule & Calendar

2023/24 Sessions

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